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Bracelet ROSIE

Bracelet ROSIE

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Bracelet ROSIE

A thin and delicate chain in 18 carat gold plated on which is mounted a semi-precious natural stone. Moonstone, green aventurine, black agate, it's up to you to choose the stone that suits you best. (Stone color may vary from gem to gem)

Bracelet adjustable from 16 to 20 cms.

Our gold-plated jewelry is made on a brass base, without nickel or cadmium.

The gold thickness is 3 microns. All plating is made with 18 carat gold (75% pure gold) guarantee of quality and longevity.

To ensure a long life for your little jewel, consult our maintenance advice


MOON STONE : It helps develop sensitivity, creativity and gentleness. Moonstone is the mineral of femininity and motherhood par excellence, because it stimulates fertility.

I advise women who wish to have a baby to carry a moonstone at all times, ideally in their pocket. Its regulatory properties promote the balance of menstruation and hormonal secretions. It also relieves painful, irregular or heavy periods. Soothing, it will calm your anxieties during pregnancy.

When your baby is born, it will bring harmony and serenity throughout baby's growth.

GREEN AVENTURINE : It brings inner tranquility and dissolves melancholy. It reinforces self-control, and is therefore ideal for those seeking to soothe their stress and calm their nervousness.

BLACK AGATE : It symbolizes strength, it will be very useful to support you in difficult times because it helps to refocus the energies of the body. It chases away negative thoughts and energies and restores self-confidence and gives you a sense of stability.

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